You can no longer use the card to buy anything

Steven Hodges won the award for the heaviest flounder weighed in by a member of the Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman’s Association. His big fish weighed 6.02 pounds. This brought their total winnings to $2,500.. Sensory stimulation. Pick image, scents, sounds, tastes and objects with the feel that reminds you of your goal. For example, if satin sheets remind you of wealth, use a satin altar cloth for a money spell.

“Don’t succumb to the all or nothing mentality,” says Pappo. “Eat breakfast and lunch, and then at dinner, and you’re going to have more control.” Staying on track could require some extra planning. “Look at what days or weeks are going to be problematic, and eat as close to normal as you can during those times,” Pappo suggests.

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