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My wife and I have lived in several other states back east and in one other East Bay city and have found the mail delivery in Concord to be the worst we have ever experienced. It is so bad here that we half jokingly say if the mail has not shown up by 6PM that is must not be day We have complained again and again, but for some reason the service remains inconsistent at best. Although, they haven been reluctant to leave a package on our porch.

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West Virginia is one of only two states that do not protect a mother’s right to breast feed in some way by law. (Indiana is the other, but it’s more fun to beat up on West Virginia.) At best, they just have to explain that it’s not public indecency. But if you know it’s not indecency and it’s a life sustaining act, why not protect it like other states, so that breast feeding moms can’t be kicked off grounds? Sexy, but not indecent? Are you just private about exposed breasts in West Virginia? Something to be kept in the family?”Did you just call an entire state incestuous?!”.

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