The PPR spokeswoman said the company would first reinforce the

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fake hermes handbags “PPR confirms that in the short term there is no sale or IPO process for its retail brands, apart from CFAO,” a spokeswoman said.Chief Executive Francois Henri Pinault was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying its European retail brands should be sold, “the sooner, the better,” though he specified there was no deadline.The PPR spokeswoman said the company would first reinforce the brands as they cope with an uncertain economic recovery.Analysts have said the most likely outcome for electronics retailer Fnac, furniture chain Conforama and catalogue company Redcats will be a sale to industry buyers rather than a stock market flotation.By contrast, Africa focused CFAO plans to list on the Paris stock exchange on Dec. 3, which could raise up to $1.5 billion. It is PPR’s best performing retail unit by operating margin. fake hermes handbags

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