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However, free agency was long over by that time. They also had had injury settlements, and only 51 players signed. The final figure was right around $10 million in cap space. Analysis: Comparing Mitchell’s production this season to his production during his break out junior campaign isn’t really fair. Last season, Virginia was bereft of offensive weapons and front court players, so Mitchell received more minutes and, in turn, more shot attempts. That being said, Mitchell’s shooting percentages are down, both from the field (55 percent to 50 percent) and the free throw line (69 percent to 45 percent).

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In that tradition, it’s only fair that we begin with a historical quiz, one worthy of Levinson’s Eddie Simmons. Simmons, you may recall from the film Diner, made a Baltimore Colts trivia quiz a crucial relationship hurdle for his fiance, Elyse. She needed to score 65 points in a number of true false, multiple choice, and free answer questions in order for him to marry her.

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