Personal style: Miss Indiana Morgan Jackson (left)

‘Danny is British and the crew was British. And Danny is great. He’s a smart man, but he is more than that swimsuits for women,’ she says. She will be on hand to pass the torch when the new Miss America is crowned this weekend.Though each of the talent winners happened to have chosen to sing on stage, many of the other well rounded contestants brought different skills to the table.Other preliminary scholarships given were the Quality of Life Awards for community service, several STEM scholarships for ‘service,science, technology, engineering, or math’, and the Fourpoints award, for women who embody the qualities represented by the four points on the crown: scholarship, service, success, and style.While some still view the pageant as being outdated and sexist, the Miss America Organization claims to be the ‘largest provider of scholarship assistance to young women’, and last year is said to have awarded $5,905,529 in both cash and tuition wavers that can be used at selected colleges.Personal style: Miss Indiana Morgan Jackson (left),Miss District of Columbia Haely Jardas (center), andMiss Rhode Island Alexandra Curtis (right) wore different colored swimwearThis year, the woman who is crowned Miss America will take home a $50,000 scholarship, in addition to any preliminary scholarships that she already won in earlier rounds.A Miss Congeniality winner is also selected and takes home a $2,000 scholarship. The award was initially included in the early years of the Miss America pageant, but fell out of use. It was reintroduced in 2006, six years after the theatrical debut of the popular Sandra Bullock movie by the same name.It is also worth noting that while all of this year’s contestants wore bikinis during the Lifestyle and Fitness competition, the inclusion of two pieces in the body baring round is actually quite new.Until 1997, there was a ban on bikinis at the popular pageant, and the first year they were introduced with the stipulation that no thongs were allowed and ‘the bottoms of the suits cannot be more than an inch below the navel’ not every woman on stage chose to wear one.The strict swimwear measurement rule has, of course, fallen away in the years since, but it seems that all of the ladies still adhere to the ban on thongs.

Cellulite is a common cosmetic problem involving visible pockets of fat under the skin. Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to eliminate cellulite. Tanning the skin by exposing it to ultraviolet, or UV, light may temporarily mask cellulite to some extent, but in the long run, tanning actually makes cellulite look worse and can cause serious health problems, including cancer.

The fabric pattern or print that you want for your swimwear depends completely on your aesthetic sense. For juniors, stick to patterns like checks, polka dots, or plain colored suit. For older women, opt for metallic patterns, bolder colors, or even a pattern embellished with stones, or decorated with lace.

And so begins our special game, so touching and familiar it’s almost embarrassing to give the details here. Karen carefully buckles my halter so it doesn’t pinch my skin the leather so supple and well fitting. “Oh, how handsome you are!” Karen never fails to exclaim as I nod in agreement so I can hear her laugh.

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