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El Occidente, which is home to Bogota’s major sporting venues and outdoor parks, as well as residence areas for mainly middle and some upper class living; and The North which is where most modern development has taken place wholesale nfl jerseys, and combines many upscale living spaces with affluent shopping centres, boutiques, cafes, nightclubs, and many new business neighbourhoods offering headquarters to many multinational corporations.During the last decades, due to the city’s exponential growth, some of neighboring towns have been absorbed and are now considered within the metropolitan area of Greater Bogot, like Suba, Soacha and Fontibn.The city of Bogot is divided into 20 distinct localities, or Districts, and every visit to this city should include touring at least three or four of them, depending on the purpose and extent of one’s travel. The must see Districts are:La Candelaria: The colonial district is officially the first neighborhood of Bogot. Colombia’s capital city was founded here in 1538 by Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jimnez de Quesada y Rivera in a spot known today as El Chorro de Quevedo.

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