“We were all appalled yesterday when we heard about the attack

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Military base at Ramstein in western Germany.Investigators had identified two suspects from the “Islamist scene,” searched their apartments and detained one man, she said.The blasts smashed windows on the bus carrying the players to the stadium. Bartra was operated on for a broken bone in his right wrist and shrapnel in his arm, a team spokesman said.”We all agree that we are dealing with a despicable act,” Merkel said at a business event in the western town of Allendorf.”We were all appalled yesterday when we heard about the attack on the wholesale nfl jerseys bus with the players of BVB in Dortmund,” she added, praising Dortmund fans for offering accommodation to AS Monaco fans after the postponement.Bartra, 26, joined Dortmund for 8 million euros ($8.5 million) last year from Barcelona, after coming through the Catalan club’s youth system. He has made 12 appearances for the Spanish national team.European soccer’s governing body, UEFA, said there had been no specific intelligence regarding any threat to any of Wednesday’s Champions League fixtures, which also include a match in Spain between Atletico Madrid and England’s Leicester City.UEFA “is reviewing the security arrangements for tonight’s matches and security procedures will be enhanced accordingly wherever needed,” it said, asking supporters to allow extra time for the possibility of enhanced checks.Police in Munich said they were deploying an additional 80 officers and strengthening security around hotels and key routes for the match there.The blasts revived memories of Islamist militant attacks in Paris in November 2015 whose targets included a stadium where France were playing Germany in a soccer friendly.Security is among the issues at the heart of Germany’s parliamentary election on Sept wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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