The South Sydney enforcer posted a video to his Instagram

Sam Burgess has been criticised for allegedly using his mobile phone while driving his car.The South Sydney enforcer posted a video to his Instagram account on Saturday night showing his wife Phoebe singing along to Cold Chisel classic Khe Sanh.When she realised he was filming her, Burgess turned the camera back on himself, and the reflection in his aviator glasses shows he was behind the wheel.While it was meant to be a lighthearted post “Back onto Insta and this had to be my first post.Those commenting on the 27 year old’s Instagram profile let the back rower know there was nothing funny about driving and using a phone at the same time.”I’m not usually a party pooper but recording while driving is just plain stupid! There are other people besides you on the roads.Safety first,” one user said.”Yeah that’s pretty clever doing that while driving. Good for the young followers of yours to see LikeYa StupidAct RoadSafety,” commented another.”Driving while holding a phone?. Not a good look matey.”Holding a phone while driving carries with it a possible $319 fine and the loss of four demerit points.Our Regional News StoriesThe Northern AdvocateBooth family triples museum collectionAs children the Booth brothers had little idea of the significance of their findsHawke’s Bay TodayBay winemaker picks up major international accolade Bay’s red wine reputation gets major boost through international syrah win.Bay of Plenty TimesTauranga Black Sticks in top form Tauranga Hockey has plenty to be proud of after Black Sticks’ series win over India..

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