The intensity of the protest had its effect

A bagpipe player called guests to dinner in the dining room, where the Rev. Marvin Borger, lieutenant, Navy Reserve, of St. Rose Church, Perrysburg, gave the invocation. Here are some newspaper stories published this week in years past: 25 years ago ‘Paradise tea party’ PARADISE It wasn’t the Boston Tea Party but ridge merchants who staged their own tea bag protest Thursday night responding to a proposed municipal business license law. Several merchants who objected to licensing had tea bags, symbolic of the famous patriot protest in Boston harbor, tied to their hats or hanging from clothing when they attended the town sanctioned forum. The intensity of the protest had its effect.

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supreme snapbacks Curators SpotlightIt would be impossible here to preview four unique curatorial efforts that feature two dozen artists, but it’s safe to say that Arlington Arts Center’s biannual Curators Spotlight never falls short of provoking thought. Area to both fund and foster new curators who bring together regional and national artists in meticulously planned exhibitions of contemporary art. This year’s curators Kayleigh Bryant Greenwell, Betsy Johnson, Katy Scarlett, and Ann Tarantino have chosen themes that at first glance seem relatively unambiguous, if not common to contemporary curating: the body, the labor of art making, the internet, and water. supreme snapbacks

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