That mechanic told us that the puncture location

That mechanic told us that the puncture location had been worn down so far past the cord body that a sturdy patch was impossible to apply. We took the tire to another mechanic for second opinion and they agreed that the patch would not hold. What should have been a simple $20 patch job ended up costing us a new tire due to TreadQuarters shoddy work! NOT GOOD!.

In honor of GivingTuesday a global day of giving that celebrates and supports philanthropy Charity On Top announces a unique way to give back. Pasadena based Charity On Top creates custom gift cards for both business and consumers. The gift cards are 100 percent redeemable for charitable giving and allow the recipient to choose the charity they want to support..

The 32 year old was cleared to play the match at Seddon Park, which starts on Friday, but has been told he would need surgery next week to remove a growth, or pterygium, on his left eye that has affected his vision. Taylor said on Thursday he would have the surgery on Wednesday and would be sidelined for up to six weeks. New Zealand play a one day series in Australia in early December before hosting Bangladesh for a full tour after Christmas..

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What was your first visit with Jesse like? Well, it took me more than 10 weeks to get approved for visitations. When I finally did, it took nine hours to drive from Oakland to Calapatria. I visited him every weekend since then and stay in a motel nearby.

Olive Garden has donated $5,000 to comedian Ricky Smith’s charity, after he claimed that a waitress told him she didn’t like serving black people. The alleged incident took place at a restaurant in Parma, Ohio. Smith says Olive Garden donated $5,000 to his charity Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (RAKE) and gave him a $1,000 gift card which he’s planning to use on people in need.

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