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Hermes Handbags Replica Sadly this is not the first time IG players have been owed money by a Malaysian organisation, even with a fellow Malaysian in the team at both times. No fucks given by the organisers.Worse being that the i City (a big city development) developer is a really big rich company. Not sure whether the tournament organisers kept the sponsorship money or the sponsors just did not pay out (probably not worth suing a multi million dollar company which is linked to the government for just thousands of dollars as the legal fees will cost you more)What do you say now /u/n9 godzI was very skeptical at first too when they contacted us, 3 4 guys with 0 reputation in esports, but after talking with them (and looking up their background) they just passionate people about Dota in Malaysia who work in marketing and events (hence the ability and experience to host a Dota tournament, even if they havn done a specific esports event).They are some guys passionate about Dota and want to specifically support the SEA scene and also try bring in some western teams for the competition Hermes Handbags Replica.

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