New Vaal Colliery Free State Name

New Vaal Colliery Free State Name: New Vaal Colliery. Location: The colliery is situated immediately south of Vereeniging on the Free State bank of the Vaal river about 70 km south of Johannesburg.Brief description: The colliery is an Anglo Coal mine, a division of Anglo Operations, and was established to supply coal to Eskom 3 600 MW Lethabo power station. It is an opencast strip mine producing 15 million sales t/y from three coal seams which have been previously mined by underground bord and pillar methods.Brief history: New Vaal Colliery was established in 1983, with the first saleable coal produced in December 1985.

H. Appointments. Judy Runk, Election Inspector, January 1, 2016 December 31, 2017. Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs, 1. Urban Meyer, Ohio State football coach, 1. Bush, 1. The family is expected to attend.Local News HeadlinesLocal News HeadlinesMore>>Former Fluvanna Co. Sheriff to Run for Garrett’s State Senate SeatFormer Fluvanna Co. Sheriff to Run for Garrett’s State Senate Seat.

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