Love scored the first TD against Benet on a 60 yard run

Having exhausted his ammunition except for agrenadewhich he hurled at the enemy cheap jerseys, he then rejoined his own platoon. Sergeant Pittman daring initiative, bold fighting spirit and selfless devotion to duty inflicted many enemy casualties, disrupted the enemy attack and saved the lives of many of his wounded comrades. His personal valor at grave risk to himself reflects the highest credit upon himself, the Marine Corps and theUnited States Naval Service..

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Roadrunners possess big play potential. Love scored the first TD against Benet on a 60 yard run. A 28 yard pass play from quarterback Carson Bartels to Justin Weller and Kelly Martin 44 yard run set up the next two TDs.. I spent the morning feeling a little nervous because this is so much more than a game. The fieldbecomes a flashback to the insecure days of back packs and acne. Simply put yourbuns on the cold metalbleachers and you are transported to a time in your life where all youknew had to deal with homework and making out (if you were lucky).

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