In one case, a caption read, “Hi

I tend to wear a Phillies baseball cap when I’m feeling especially Philadelphian even though I’m, at best, a casual baseball fan. But for an awful lot of black Philadelphians of a certain vintage, the Phillies represent the worst of my hometown. This was the team whose players and fans accosted Jackie Robinson in 1947.

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No smudges. Pace a lot. Nervous anticipation. The study found a majority of those injured were female and most were 40 or younger. Talking on the phone was the most prevalent activity at the time of injury, while texting accounted for 12 percent. Nearly 80 percent of the injuries occurred as the result of a fall, while nine percent occurred from the pedestrian striking a motionless object..

cheap nfl jerseys Some fans hauled homemade versions of the Stanley Cup, including one fashioned from an empty beer keg. Twenty somethings Courtney Baldwin and Meghan O’Kane, from the city’s suburbs, slapped together their tribute to the trophy from a jumble of jugs and plastic bowls painted grey. Early in the morning, it was not yet full of frothy beverage.. cheap nfl jerseys

cheap jerseys Players are required to wear two socks on each foot; a combination of white and their team color for each leg. Wearing only one of the socks is a violation of NFL rules and will result in a fine. Socks must be pulled up over the calf and meet with the uniform pants at the knee. cheap jerseys

The bonnet has been lowered by 28mm and the A pillars moved back by 70mm to improve visibility, too.We love that the cabin isn’t cluttered with a rash of buttons for various chassis controls. If you’re feeling frisky you can always switch the ESP off completely, but there’s no sport button, no adaptive suspension, no eco mode and no switchable exhaust. Frankly, who needs them when a car feels this right, straight out the box.

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