“I think we kind of rallied around each other

7 weird holiday traditions from around the world

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Fake Handbags 16 about the Minnesota Vikings Chicago Bears game, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Chicago had been outscored a combined 94 7 in the first two quarters of its previous two games. The Bears were outscored a combined 94 7 in the first two quarters over its previous three games.They didn’t exactly treat his former team as a punching bag. They just played well enough to put their implosion on hold.Jay Cutler threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns, and the Bears won for just the second time in seven games by beating the Minnesota Vikings 21 13 on Sunday.Ryan Mundy intercepted Teddy Bridgewater’s 29 yard pass in the end zone in the closing minute https://www.cnreplicabags.com Replica Bags, and the Bears hung on for the win after suffering two of the worst blowout losses in franchise history.”I think we kind of rallied around each other,” said Allen, the five time Pro Bowl defensive end who signed with Chicago after spending six seasons with Minnesota. Fake Handbags

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