However, giving away some power to the Mercedes

However, giving away some power to the Mercedes, it was one tenth slower over the benchmark sprint.With 400Nm of torque, it was on par with the lighter, 430Nm XF for in gear acceleration, while its superior traction and sharper shifting gearbox meant it was faster than the Jaguar through the gears.The transmission locks up quicker so the BMW gets off the line better than either of its rivals, and the engine is also the most refined of the three.This refinement extends to the ride. While you do feel a few pattering motions over the worst surfaces, riding on optional 19 inch wheels (with 18 inch rims as standard) bumps don’t send a quiver through the chassis like in the E Class. In Comfort the 5 Series works with the road rather than reacting to it.In Sport mode, the damping doesn’t feel too much firmer until you enter a corner.

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