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Sept. 11 at the Arkansas Music Pavilion, Washington County Fairgrounds, 2536 N. McConnell Ave., Fayetteville. But Stevens also gets blamed for the most crushing regular season loss during Turner’s horrible tenure. In the 1999 season opener at FedExField, Dallas came back from 21 points down in the fourth quarter and won when Stevens bit on a fake handoff to Emmitt Smith and watched with 80,000 fans as Troy Aikman hit an uncovered Rocket Ismail for a 76 yard score in overtime. The Washington Post called the game “the Redskins’ worstcollapse since 1946.”.

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“I’m still freaking out,” she said. “It’s laying over the top of my house and a branch broke and came through my bedroom. It’s kind of like a hook shape, like an angle with a dagger on the end. This causes candidates to spend more money than they need to, and to have less contact with voters. Proponents of H pointed to its provision which required candidates to get a substantial number of small contributions before qualifying for city funding, but that misses the point. Money in campaigns can easily distort them, and this can be true even if the money comes from taxes instead of from obvious interest groups..

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