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As football crises go, the one running at Fiorentina right now takes some beating. Tuscany’s top team are up to their teeth in trouble: without an owner, stripped of their best players, and threatened by both relegation and bankruptcy. And to top it off, this week there’s the real risk their own players will declare the club in breach of contract – paving the way for a mass walkout.

What’s gone wrong? Club president Vittorio Cecchi Gori, that’s what.

Plump and pompous, Cecchi Gori is the Italian film producer behind the canada goose coat – victoria success of Life Is Sweet’s Roberto Begnini, and for many Fiorentina supporters he’s an equally comic figure. In 1998, Cecchi Gori borrowed heavily to acquire himself a TV network. Within two years, losses of canada goose coat 1000 best mens canada goose parka around £30,000 a day forced him to sell up. The sale price agreed was close to £300m but thanks to some financial sleight of hand by the buyers, Vittorio only ever received a quarter of that, dashing his dreams of becoming the next Berlusconi and punching a large hole in his business empire.

Thus, this summer Cecchi Gori reluctantly put Fiorentina up for sale, but not before pinching can you wash a canada goose parka some of its jucier assets (give or take a consonant, an Italian tradition).

He’s sold off stars like Gabriel Batistuta, Manuel Rui Costa and Italy goalkeeper Francesco Toldo. He’s ‘borrowed’ £25m of club profits to keep the rest of his business afloat. And, showing admirable forward-planning click more, he’s already spent all of Fiorentina’s TV income for the next two seasons, and all best canada goose jacket for men their season ticket revenue ‘til 2006.

All of which adds up to a fairly grim situation indeed. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only have this summer’s promised player reinforcements failed to materialise, but Fiorentina’s biggest remaining star, Enrico Chiesa, has been hit by a cruciate ligament injury which will keep him above the Serie A relegation zone manager Roberto Mancini is even considering coming back from retirement.

“You know me, I’m crazy – I wake up each morning with the desire to play” the former Sampdoria, Lazio and Leicester legend, now 37, admitted. “If I could, I’d go back bright blue canada goose jacket out there and help. But the regulations forbid it.”

Just last season Mancini bent the rules to become Fiorentina’s best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest manager, and the thought of him now making an equally controversial journey in reverse has horrified the managers’ association here. As they point out, the figure of ‘player/manager’ is not allowed under Italian FA regulations. Mancini and Fiorentina though are privately working on another rule which allows managers to resign, and then take up another role within the same club – why not, they ask, as a player?

For the moment though the club have more pressing problems, like a steadily building players’ revolt. The squad haven’t been paid for almost four months now, and if canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet money doesn’t arrive in the next few days captain best canada goose coat for women Angelo Di Livio says he ‘can’t rule out’ players suing for breach of contract with the Italian FA. It’s a dramatic move. Fiorentina would be left with just 20 days to handle their arrears (that Italian tradition again), after which would come disaster: the club’s entire squad would be liberated from their contracts, to transfer to any club they wished, for free. Fiorentina would be bankrupt, while Milan and Inter would probably be a bit miffed too after bothering to shell out millions for Toldo and Rui Costa in the summer.

So any hope of a happy ending? Since the club struggled even to meet the cost of their last away game, paying wages anytime soon can only happen if a buyer or new finance is found immediately.

This week the citizens of Florence have rallied with typical creativity – threatening the banks that they’ll withdraw their canada goose coat – kensington savings if Fiorentina aren’t extended more credit. As many as 5,000 account holders can be mobilised, claims the ‘ATF’ supporters association. The banks don’t appear overly worried.

As for new ownership, everyone from Benetton to the Prada family has been touted as possible new owners – the former with their ample experience in flimsy Italian outfits – but so far the only concrete offer has come from a Roman consortium and was rejected last weekend.

Many in the city say they’d actually prefer bankruptcy than see the club remain a moment longer with Cecchi Gori. A small consolation for them is that for Vittorio a particularly gory ending awaits: he’s now both under investigation by Italian police for money laundering and possession of cocaine, and being sued for a $70 million dollar divorce settlement in a Californian court.

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