bending and shear: imported servo motor drive

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Replica Prada Bending good semi finished products should be neatly stacked, hook shall not facing up.10, the operation is completed, clean up the site, maintenance Prada Bags Replica of machinery, power off, lock boxAutomatic CNC reinforced hoop bending machine, CNC steel hoop bending machine, steel stirrup bender3 Straightening System Features by the horizontal and vertical can automatically adjust the two sets of straightening wheel, combined with four traction wheels, driven by imported servo motor, ensure that reinforced straightening achieve the best accuracy. bending and shear: imported servo motor drive, bending arm can be high speed rotation and scaling, shearing mechanism at high speed shearing action to ensure the accuracy of steel bending. Control System: This machine adopts mature foreign control system, and high reliability. Replica Prada

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