, also left their homes due to flooding over the weekend

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smart watches SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileFloodwaters rising throughout southern and central Manitoba have now forced nearly 200 people out of their homes in four First Nations in Manitoba, the province said Monday afternoon.In its latest flood update, provincial officials said 190 residents of Long Plain First Nation, Peguis First Nation, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and Fisher River Cree Nation had to leave their homes this season. Four residents in the area of Petersfield, Man., also left their homes due to flooding over the weekend.The Canadian Red Cross is working with Peguis and Sioux Valley, provincial officials said.Peguis Chief Glenn Hudson said 135 residents are in Winnipeg on Monday, and some 300 houses are affected directly or indirectly in the community about 180 kilometres north of Winnipeg.Floodwaters force 84 people out of Peguis First NationSioux Valley flood co ordinator Nathan Hall said 12 houses along a creek were evacuated Sunday evening as high water threatened a bridge used to access the homes. The 36 evacuees are staying in Brandon, Man.Four Manitoba First Nations, in red, have been evacuated due to flooding so far this season. smart watches

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